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Find Time Friday: Try Time Timer

Could you use a tool to help you manage your time and improve your productivity?

See the passage of time and keep yourself on track with the Time Timer! The Time Timer is a visual timer; as time elapses, the signature red disk disappears, helping everyone see how much time is left.  Time Timer keeps you focused, keeps meetings on schedule, and helps you give succinct and well-timed presentations.

Our favorite version, and the one we keep an inventory of, is small and portable. It’s perfect for keeping you on track at home, work and school. For $32.85, it’s a small thing that can make a big impact on your productivity! Shop for a Time Timer on our website and find more time this Friday!

Let us know how you use the Time Timer or other timing device to keep on track and increase your productivity. We’d love to hear your strategies. Want to know a few of ours? Ask us about the Pomodoro technique, the 50/10 rule, or the 15 minute bursts. We’re happy to chat!

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