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Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner!

Reminder: Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

Not sure what to give the Mom in your life for Mother’s Day this year? We’ve got an idea we think she’ll love! Give her the Gift of Time. This is a gift that won’t add clutter to her life and that she’s sure to appreciate.

Most moms we know are constantly giving of themselves. Often putting others first means that their needs, wants and desires are a second (or last) thought.

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year, it wasn’t anything material that came to my mind, it was that I wanted time! Time with my family, time to myself, time with my husband, time to do the things that I don’t get to but would like to do (or have done) … these are the things I wish someone could give to me.

We have a couple of suggestions:

1. Give her a gift certificate to a service provider that can save her time. Think house cleaner, gardener, handy-man (unless you’re caught up on your “honey-do” list or love to do these things yourself), baby sitter, Professional Organizer (hint hint). These professionals can take tasks off her hands, or even show her how to save time or make her life easier.

2. Bring us in to do some Productivity Consulting with you at work so we can help you get more done in less time and send you home earlier each day to enjoy your family (and so they can enjoy more time with you!). Your wife will appreciate the efforts you make to get home earlier or more consistantly.

3. Do the same for your wife if she works outside the home. Send us in to her office for a Productivity Consultation. If we can help her get more done efficiently and effectively at work, she’ll have more time for herself.

4. Arrange for a date-night (you get the sitter, make the plans and give her the gift of experience). Enjoy the time together as she enjoys not having to make any of the arrangements!

5. Send her out for some “me-time”. Get her a gift-certificate for a day spa, or a cooking class (if she’s find that enjoyable), or surprise her by having a friend of hers swing by to take her on a hike. While she’s away, do one or two things around the house that she would normally do. Not only does she enjoy the time away to “recharge”, but she comes home to a few things checked off her list. Double gift!

You get the idea. The Gift of Time is usually high on her list and is a great option (not to mention that its easy to arrange last minute … just in case you’ve put off getting a gift, or have forgotten that Mother’s Day is just days away).

Let us know how it goes and let us know if we can help you out!


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