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Force Multipliers Can Make Life and Work Easier

Force multipliers make things easier

In business and life there are force multipliers—things that, when put in place or adopted, make other things easier. Force multipliers are small changes you can integrate into your daily routines. They may not seem like much, or take much effort in and of themselves, but they will ultimately save you time, stress, and make a positive impact in other areas of your job or life. 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and wish things could be easier on a day-to-day basis? Do you wish you had more time in your day for your priorities? Try using force multipliers!

Examples of force multipliers

You can apply force multipliers in your life in a number of ways. A basic example is parking farther away in a parking lot or taking stairs instead of the elevator. These small changes get you where you need to be, integrate exercise into your day and help you achieve fitness goals.

Other force multipliers that can advance your personal productivity include taking adequate mental and physical breaks throughout the day. When you give yourself time to recharge your brain and body, you can be more productive. Drinking plenty of water, eating smart, getting enough sleep and partaking in regular exercise keeps your body and mind fueled for performance. By taking time in your day to do these things, you’ll see results such as as heightened energy, focus, and creativity. Ultimately, you’ll gain more time and energy for things that matter most.  

Using force multipliers to improve productivity

Automation of simple tasks can also be a powerful force multiplier. Automating small things, like sorting emails from certain senders into specific inbox folders, can have a huge impact resulting in more time. Automatic bill pay can alleviate stress from your monthly routines and ensure nothing important is missed. 

When automation isn’t feasible, delegation is also a great force multiplier to put to use. Delegating tasks to others to take things off your plate on a daily or weekly basis can save you time and stress. It gives you back time to focus on the things that only you can do or that are important to you like quality time with those you care about, to engage in hobbies or practice self-care. 

Another impactful force multiplier is the implementation of structure and systems in your routines and at work. Having reliable, repeatable, documented systems in place can help you in more ways than one. Knowing what steps to follow in order to get consistent results can greatly reduce stress and save time. Systems you can rely on also reduce complications when unexpected things do pop up. You’ll have clear directions for when and how to complete a routine task. You can share those with others if you opt for delegation. What systems could you take a little time to create once so that you consistently get results with less effort?

If you want to make things easier in your life or work, implementing force multipliers could be your answer! Schedule your free, no-risk Discovery Call to learn how we can help bring structure and systems into your daily life.

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