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From Jewelry Chaos to Jewelry Heaven: A Simply Placed Success Story

Do you have a jewelry box, drawer or holder that looks like the one pictured to the right?  With tangled necklaces, Jewelry-organization-photo-26mismatched earrings and hidden bracelets?  Check out this case study of a client project we did that took a client from jewelry chaos to jewelry heaven!

Client: Stacey – busy mom of 3, business owner, and active volunteer.

Problem/Cost: Stacey had so much fun, beautiful jewelry stored partially on a “jewelry tree”, in small boxes and travel bags in a bathroom cabinet and drawer. She was having a difficult time keeping everything untangled and organized.  It was near impossible to quickly and easily find a specific piece.  She found that she just wasn’t wearing much of it because it was took too much time to find what she wanted. She feared some of her jewelry was getting damaged as well in the tangled situation at hand. She was wasting time, space and money and it caused her stress.

005-300x225Process/Solution:  First we sorted everything she had. It helped to put “like with like” and for Stacey to be able to see the quantity of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that she owned. Next, we “cleared the clutter”. She made selections of items and cases that she no longer wanted, liked or that were broken beyond repair and we set those aside to donate or toss. The next step was to assign a home to each and every piece and contain it in a way that would make it easy to find what she needed, when she needed it, and easy to put things away when she wasn’t wearing them.

We decided to take advantage of the underutilized space along the walls of the cabinet.  Convenient, inexpensive, easy-to-use 3M adhesive plastic hooks provided a place to hang long necklaces where they are easy to find, reach and keep untangled.  Incorporating drawer organizers,designed to hold jewelry, helped to keep bracelets, rings and earrings in place and easy to find. We used the jewelry tree that she already had as well, to hold shorter necklaces.

Results & Benefits:  Now Stacy can easily fit and find all of her jewelry.  She has a system for what goes where and this makes it 008-225x300easy to maintain. There is less wasted space in her new system.  She’s wearing more of her jewelry more often and with ease. Special pieces are protected from damage, so Stacey has some peace of mind as well. She’s let us know a number of times how thrilled she is with the results and commented that she’s received compliments on her “new” jewelry – which wasn’t new at all, but newly found, organized and now easily accessed when ever Stacey wants to accessorize.

009-300x225We were able to give Stacy a whole new organizational system for her jewelry without breaking the bank, plastic adhesive hooks are inexpensive, easy to use and available at most grocery, hardware or office supply stores.

Stacey saves time getting ready everyday, so she has more time to spend with her family, her friends, her business and volunteer activities. She benefits, as do those she impacts with her time. She feels less stress and has saved money from needing to continue to buy new things, just because she couldn’t see and easily access that which she already had. We call this a success story!

Have you found innovative or creative ways to keep your jewelry organized? We want to know!

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