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Fun as a Motivating Factor

For many of us, it is the same routine day in and day out. We get up, get ready, head to work, work for 8 hours (or more), drive home, eat dinner, try and throw in a workout somewhere, and go to bed. It’s like they say, rinse, wash, repeat. But what is lacking here? Sure, we need to work in order to make money to live our lives, buy groceries to feed our family, and juggle errands and everything else for the wheels to keep turning. But are we being as productive as we would like to be or THINK we are being throughout this seemingly mundane routine?

What if there was a way to make those boring, tedious, draining tasks more fun? Do you think you would become more  productive? Might you even find a way to slightly enjoy them?  Would you feel more motivated? What could you accomplish if it included an element of fun?

We recently stumbled across this YouTube video that beautifully puts the following question to the test: What do you need to add an element of fun to in order to encourage you to do it?

While you are doing your taxes, do you blast really bad music (but secretly love) that you would only listen to so long as no one else is around? Maybe you absolutely hate working out but find if you bring your dog along for a jog it’s a little more tolerable? Whatever it is, we’d love to hear what element of fun you throw into the equation to make the tasks of life  more productive and enjoyable.

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