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Get Tax Day Ready with Our Last Minute Tips!

The IRS deadline for filing personal tax returns is just a few short weeks away; have you gotten started yet? Even though it’s getting down to the wire, you don’t have to feel disorganized. Follow our last minute tips for a smoother April.

1. Check last year’s return to determine what documents you need to gather. Looking at what you used last year will help you determine what information and which documents you need for your return.

2. Go to your local library for forms, instructions and help. Your local library is a great resource for forms and instructions to get ready for Tax Season. It’s a one-stop shop to gather what you will need to do your taxes on your own and get your questions answered.

3. Move the documents you’ll need to one place and create a system for collecting, sorting and keeping them together.Don’t know what you needed to keep thoughout the year? Reach out to us and we’ll get you our Document Retention Guidelines.

4. Hire a CPA to prepare your taxes for you. Running out of time? Consider going to a professional for guidance and peace of mind. If you need a referral for a qualified CPA ask us!

Want to be most prepared and ahead of the game next Tax Season? Check out our tips for planning ahead for next year in Tax Schmaxes.

How do you prepare for Tax Day? We want to know!

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