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Get Your Home Office in Better Shape Today!

Do you have a home office that’s looking less like a functional workspace and more like a disaster? The home office comes in many forms and has several uses. It can be the headquarters of a home-based business, a place to accomplish things when you are away from your business office and also the place where you run the business of the home in general. No matter what your workspace looks like or what you use it for you can give it a simple organizational makeover to help you be more productive.

1. Keep needed supplies close by or stored at eye level in a convenient place. We recommend having a few simple products on the desk top such as pencils, pens, a stapler, a notepad and maybe a desktop file holder. Keeping items you need regularly in an inconvenient place makes it tempting to leave them on your surfaces instead of taking them extra effort to put them back. Also, you can use drawer dividers to organize other supplies in a top drawer like paperclips, extra staples, etc. Be sure to have a trash can and a recycle bin at an arms reach away as well.

2. De-clutter. Take a few minutes at the end of each work day to tidy your desk so when you come in the next morning, you have a clear space at which to work. Put supplies back where they belong, file loose papers, put books and binders back on shelves, and take a few minutes to get organized.

3. Schedule appointments with yourself. Block off time in your calendar to regularly de-clutter and organize. If you don’t schedule time to do this, it won’t happen. Take time to purge old papers you don’t need, supplies you no longer use and to weed out old files.

How do you keep your home office or workspace in good shape? We want to know!

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