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Wellness Wednesday: Getting Stress-Relief from Your Vacation

When we are planning and picturing our vacations, we see ourselves sipping drinks on the beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing but for many workers that isn’t the reality.

Many of us report that we don’t get any stress relief from taking a vacation, and more than 27% actually feel more stressed after returning from vacation than before they left! It can be hard to really “leave it all behind” and most workers check in with the office while on vacation at least a few times. Vacation time is important, most people wish they had more of it. Not allowing yourself to relax can impact your productivity in the long run.

Get the most out of your precious vacation time by limiting the amount of time you spend checking in with work (or eliminate it all together!). Leave a coworker in charge of issues that need immediate assistance and return the favor when they go on vacation.

Feeling guilty or worried about unplugging? Not being able to bring your stress level down will impact your productivity when you do return to work, which will cost you and your employer precious time and money in the long run. So relax on that trip! You’ll be a better, more productive employee when you return.

Do you unplug completely when on vacation? We want to know!


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