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Gifts that Won’t Cause Clutter

5-day holiday organizing challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of our 5-Day Holiday Organizing Challenge!

Today’s Topic: Gifts that Won’t Cause Clutter

Whether you’re starting to put together a shopping list of gifts to buy or creating a “wish list” for yourself, here are some ideas of gifts to give or receive that won’t cause clutter:

Gifts of Choice:

Rather than playing the guessing game, don’t be afraid to ask someone on your list exactly what he or she wants. The more detailed they can be, the better. It will help cut down the time you have to spend looking for the item(s) and they will get exactly what they had in mind. It’s a win-win! Alternately, let them choose their gift by giving gift cards or gift certificates.

Experience Gifts:

Treat your recipient to an indulgence they may not get for themselves. Give the gift of an experience instead of “stuff”. Some ideas include event, theater, concert or sporting event tickets.

The Gift of Time:

You could offer to baby-sit or run errands, or give the gift of a personal trainer, a professional organizer, a house cleaner, or a personal chef. Our “It’s About Time” virtual productivity program is also the ideal gift of time for the busy professional in your life, for yourself or your team at work. Make that special someone’s day this year with the gift of time!

Gift of the Month:

Give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year with a “gift of the month”.

Gifts of Memories:

This year, set aside some extra time and create your own gift of memories. Create a scrapbook, an online photo book or a personalized photo calendar for someone special.

Consumable Gifts:

Do you know someone who enjoys cooking and baking? Our Meal Planning Guide is a great idea! Perhaps you know someone that loves to garden, give them a gift of garden supplies including seeds, bulbs, tools, etc.  Or, consider our Home Maintenance Workbook for the handyman or handywoman in your life!

Gifts that Do Good:

Donate to a cause or organization that you know is meaningful to someone. It’s the thought that counts!

Keep these ideas in mind this year as you do your shopping or make your wish list. We’re sure the thought you put in to Clutter Free Gift Giving will be appreciated by those lucky enough to receive gifts from you.

Today’s challenge: when you are writing your holiday gift lists, either for yourself for for others, what are some gifts you can choose that won’t create clutter? 

Please be sure to comment below and share which clutter-free gift types you plan to give this holiday season!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Day 3 tip and challenge!

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