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Give the Gift of Less

We recently blogged about several ways you can eliminate all kinds of unwanted mail in 6 Easy Ways to Eliminate Junk Mail.  Now we have a tool to share with you that will do all the work for you!  It also makes for a meaningful gift that everyone needs this time of year when our mailboxes are filled with unwanted catalogues and junk mail coupons.

For $6.75 you can give someone the gift of less by getting them a  MailStop Envelope.  MailStop will send you a post-paid envelope to put your unwanted mail in.  Once you send it back and they will finish the opt-out process for you!  MailStop Envelopes are great for people who are too busy to use online services, not Internet-savvy or have never gotten around to stopping their unwanted mail.

MailStop Envelopes save trees and reduce clutter by stopping unwanted mail. Prepaid MailStop Envelopes make simple, practical gifts for your friends, family and co-workers, your unwanted mail goes from your mailbox to the envelope without cluttering your home or office. Once you have collected up to 15 pages, drop the envelope in the mail and relax while someone else cancels all that unwanted junk mail and phone books for you.

Have you wanted to stop your own unwanted mail?  Do you know someone who could use a gift of less?  We want to hear about it!

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