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Goal Setting Success for the New Year: Reward Yourself

The time for setting New Year’s Resolutions has come again.  Do you have lofty expectaions of what you’ll accomplish each year, but find it can be challenging to follow through and stick to it? It can be hard without a plan. Let Simply Placed help.

This is the first in a series of posts about how to achieve goal setting success in the new year (or any time!).  Join us in making your resolutions/goals successful this year!

Tip #1 Reward Yourself – What will accomplishing your goal mean to you? What will motivate you to stick to it and reach the desired result? How will you reward yourself for accomplishing your goal? Choose something that you’ll look forward to. Post a picture of it in a visible place. It could be a tangible item that you’ll treat yourself to, or an experience, or even the gift of “downtime”. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the goal, choose a reward that is appropriate.

But, don’t just wait until the goal is achieved to reward yourself. Celebrate “wins” along the way to ultimate success.  Decide ahead of time on some “mini-rewards” so that you’ll have something to look forward to in the short term and the long term. How can you reward yourself for accomplishing the milestones along the way to the end result?

Reaching a goal takes dedication and hard work.  You deserve more than a pat on the back.

How do you choose your goals?  What have you used to reward yourself?  We want to hear your ideas!

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