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Goal Setting Success for the New Year: Share

This year, we’re sharing our tips on goal setting success for New Year’s Resolutions. This is the fourth post in our series. So far we’ve posted tips for rewarding yourselfvisualizing success and focusing on goals that are important to you. Today’s topic is sharing your goals with others and building your own support network.

Tip #4 Share – Studies prove that when you speak your goal out loud and share it with others, you increase your chance for success. This is a great way to also build a support system and to enlist others in helping you reach your goal. This also creates a sense accountability to yourself and to your friends. Those who support you will want to know how you’re doing along the way.

Decide on who to share your goals with, share with them the specifics of what you hope to accomplish, the end result you’re shooting for, what steps you’ll take to get there, and ask them to help hold you accountable. You might even determine a frequency and format for how that person can “check-in” with you to ask you about your progress.

Do you share your resolutions and goals with your friends and family? How have you created a support system? We want to know!

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