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Goal Setting Success for the New Year: Stay Positive

This year, we’re sharing our tips on goal setting success for New Year’s Resolutions. This is the fifth post in our series. So far we’ve posted tips for rewarding yourselfvisualizing success ,  focusing on goals that are important to you and  sharing your goals. Today’s topic is staying positive about your goals by removing the negative aspects and focusing on the solutions.

Tip #5 Stay Positive – Focus on the solution rather than on what you don’t want. The mind doesn’t translate words of negation, such as not, don’t, or stop, because it thinks in pictures. If you set a goal that “I will quit smoking,” it’s hard for your mind to see a picture of NOT smoking.  If you set a goal that “I allow myself to be a non-smoker,” you can picture being a non-smoker, as that’s something you can see — other people (or you) living a healthy life.   Create goals or make choices that the mind can visualize.

How do you picture your goals?  We want to hear about them!

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