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Gratitude Feels Good and Makes You More Productive


It’s not always easy to live in a mindset of gratitude. When we are stressed or overwhelmed, it can be easy to slip into dwelling on what might not be working as well as we’d like. It can be tempting to complain about people or situations that we feel are causing us to struggle. The year 2020 has certainly challenged us like no other, but it’s important to take time to remember the things we are grateful for amidst the challenges.

Gratitude feels good and makes you more productive

A feeling of gratitude can have an overall positive impact on your health and well-being. Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the easiest and most effective habits to embrace. Spend a moment reflecting on what you are most thankful for.

When you’re in a thankful mindset, you’re better equipped to meet the challenges of your day.

Expressing thanks can lead to feeling healthier and happier, so it’s a great habit to practice often. Adding gratitude to your collection of daily success habits can help you be more productive as well. When we pause and reflect on someone or something we are grateful for, that brings a shift in our emotional state and consciousness that has many benefits.

Beyond making you more productive, practicing gratitude makes you feel less stressed and can help you to sleep better at night. Considering what you are grateful for as part of your evening or bed-time wind-down routine can be productive as well. When you are relaxed and well-rested, you will be more effective and efficient at carrying out tasks and achieving goals. What are some ways you can practice gratitude? 

We are very grateful

We are very grateful for the Simply Placed community; our clients, teammates, vendors, strategic partners, family and friends, to whom we want to extend our sincerest thanks. We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love; helping you get and stay organized and make the most of your time. 

While we all may be celebrating differently this year, we hope your Thanksgiving will bring an abundance of comfort and gratitude to you and your family. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

In gratitude, 

The Simply Placed Team

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