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Is Grocery Delivery Right for You?: Find Time Friday

No matter how much more time we would like each day, we only get 24 hours.  Since time is finite the trick for reducing stress and increasing productivity and leisure time is to maximize the time you do have.  Consider the time you currently spend shopping for food and household goods.  Account for the time you spend making a shopping list, driving to the store, the time spent shopping (This will be longer or less productive if you didn’t go with a list.) and the time spent driving home with your purchases.  Put a monetary value on this time.  Think about the time of day when you are able to do your shopping.  Could you recoup some of this time by shopping differently?  Does paying for the convenience make sense? What if you sent your list to a personal shopper who then did the shopping for your and delivered the items to your home or workplace?

If you think delegating the work of shopping would buy you time and reduce stress, give it a try! In the Seattle area and many large metropolitan areas in the country there are many options for online shopping and delivery.  Services to consider include:

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Full Circle Farm
  • Instacart (delivers from Costco, QFC, Uwajimaya and Whole Foods)
  • Safeway

To use these services, create an account on the web site, create your shopping list, make notes for your shopper and schedule a delivery time.  Some services provide one-hour and next-day delivery.  Most services provide an incentive (free delivery or discount) for first-time users.  Give it a try to see how it can buy back time and what positive impact it may have on your day.

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