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Guest Post: How a Travel Agent can Boost Your Productivity

We know planning and booking travel can be time consuming. If you want to save time and channel it toward increased productivity, read on to learn how you can do so by considering a travel agent as a resource the next time you need to travel. Thank you to guest blogger, Kathryn Gerken, for this great information!

How a Travel Agent Can Boost Your Productivity

Professional travel agents are making a come-back. In this world of technology, travelers are returning to the travel professional to help them to simplify the travel process. Travel professional are trained to know about different destinations and products. They spend hours keeping up to date on the latest trends and global events that may affect your travel plans.

Instead of you taking hours and hours to aimlessly search the internet for travel options, an agent can simplify the process by asking you pointed questions designed to identify what you’re looking for and providing help to narrow down the search. The internet can be an overwhelming time sink for folks who don’t know exactly what they want. Relying on the internet for information and travel arrangements can also bring disappointing results during travel.

A travel agent can simplify the documents that are necessary to travel smoothly. A full itinerary with detailed directions, suggestions and back up contacts for emergencies or problems are provided by many agents. These itineraries can be printed or viewed on a smart device, such as a phone that you have with you during travel. The app your agent provides typically has all your information available off-line as well as on-line with flight updates and schedule changes. All your paper documents are loaded in the form of .pdfs for back-up documentation.

No one likes to think about trouble before or during travel, but if you need to cancel or return early an agent can simplify the process for you by helping with insurance claims, finding lost luggage or re-booking flights, while you continue your journey.

The peace of mind continues, when you know for sure that you are getting value for your money from someone that you have a personal connection with, not a call center. A travel agent will help you to plan a trip within your budget to places that won’t leave you wondering if you are safe to sleep. The simple act of picking up the phone to make a face to face appointment and share your excitement of travel with an agent that cares for your needs is simplicity itself.

Here are a few great reasons to use a travel professional to simplify your next trip:

  1. An agent will represent you and not the hotel or tour company.
  2. An agent will guide you through and shorten the planning process, by asking questions to help determine the best value for your money.
  3. An agent knows what to look for to ensure you have the best experience. They have had extensive and ongoing training.
  4. An agent offers advise based on experience.
  5. An agent will continue to serve you before, during and after your trip.
  6. Going it alone may end up costing you more in time, money, stress and enjoyment of your trip.

When you save time, money and energy by planning and booking your travels with an agent, you can use those resources to focus on your priorities. Simplify your next travel experience by using a travel professional’s help.

Kathryn Gerken is a travel professional at Gerken Getaways in Newcastle, WA. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 425-442-5956.

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