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Headed to a Dorm, Fraternity/Sorority House or first Apartment? Check off Some "To Do’s"

Making the change from living freely in a large home to cramming your life into a small room (that you have to share with a stranger!) is tough. Downsizing and prioritizing can be a great way to begin. Here are some “to do’s” from The Container Store to make sure you’re checking off your college prep list. For an exhaustive list, check out The Container Store’s College Tips.

1. Let your family and friends know what your new mailing address, phone number and email will be before you leave. Plenty of people will want to know what your new college life is like right away.

2. Back up your computer files! Make two copies, one to take with you and one to leave behind at home for safe keeping.

3. Before you pack that hot plate and coffee maker, check the dorm or building guidelines on appliances allowed in your room.

4. Label everything you own (no, seriously). With so many people living in close quarters, mix ups happen!

5. Buy a combination lock and a safe container to keep precious items secure. With so many people you don’t know coming in and out, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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