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How Simply Placed Supports Clients Virtually

Virtual coaching

Last week, our blog featured a post titled “How To Be Productive When You’re Working From Home”. In it, we shared several strategies to help make sure you are staying focused and able to complete your priority work from a remote location. 

At Simply Placed, we also are able to work and support our clients virtually in the following ways: 

Virtual Organizing Sessions

If you’re motivated to do the hands-on work but need some outside direction and accountability, our virtual organizing sessions are a great solution. Our professional organizers and productivity consultants support our clients locally and outside the Seattle area remotely. Services we can provide include:

  • organizing residential and business spaces
  • organizing digital files
  • organizing digital photo files
  • helping with “homework” from live organizing sessions
  • providing accountability check-ins for projects in progress. 

Organize for School Success

If students are out of school or doing online learning, we can FaceTime with with them and provide support to help them stay on task, keep track of what’s due, use email to stay in contact with school, organize their schedules, plan actual times during the day to work on assignments, reduce distractions, and more!

Virtual Productivity Consulting and Coaching Sessions

Through video coaching, shared screen coaching, email and phone check-ins, we can support our clients individually or as teams depending on the need. 

It’s About Time, Virtual Productivity Program

This exclusive program was designed specifically to coach clients virtually. Through ongoing access to webinars, “Ask the Organizer” sessions, Beat Procrastination days, we provide accountability community, resources and more. 


Webinars are a great way to bring a team “together” virtually and learn techniques to be more organized and productive at work. On Wednesday, March 18th, we are offering a free, live webinar.

Join Debbie Rosemont and learn strategies to be more productive when you are working from home. The Organize to Optimize webinar will teach actionable ways to stop wasting valuable time, process incoming work and prioritize meaningful goals and activities.  

Sign up for Organize to Optimize today!  Space is limited.  

Organize to Optimize

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