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How to Have a Productive Commute

How to have a productive commute

How much time do you spend commuting to work each day? Each week? Each year? Studies show the average resident in the greater Seattle area will spend will spend a total of nearly 10 days commuting in 2019. 

Is your commute getting longer? Don’t stress. Try to reframe the definition of your commute and look at it in a more positive light. Enjoy the time to downshift, prepare, enjoy a quiet moment or your favorite music.

Whether you’re driving a car, riding public transportation or walking to work, there are a number of ways to make use of your time and boost your productivity while you commute. Use your morning commute to decide on the two or three most important tasks for the day and prioritize how you’ll get them done. If you use your time in ways that will benefit you the most, your day will be more productive and much less stressful. 

Tips for a productive commute

If you’re looking for ways to make your commute time more efficient and productive, we have compiled a list of things you could do before you set out on the road: 

  1. Plan ahead: make sure you have gas in your car, pack snacks or items you will need when you reach your destination, such as a gym bag. Don’t plan to work right up until you leave the house, or be tempted to squeeze in “one more thing” that might make you run late. 
  2. Map it out: consider an app like Waze to help you find the fastest route to your destination. It can also help you figure out much time it will take to get there and what time you will need to leave in order to arrive at a certain time, depending on traffic patterns. 
  3. Leave extra time: it is always a good idea to plan to arrive 15 minutes early at your destination. That gives you a margin for unexpected things like heavy traffic or construction delays. Arriving early is less stressful than running late, and if you arrive early you could use the time to meditate, plan out a project, delete some Email, return a phone call, brainstorm, read, or just enjoy some quiet time. 
  4. Use your commute for what you need in that moment: is there a podcast or audio book you’ve wanted to listen to? Maybe a new language you’ve wanted to learn? The possibilities are endless! Use your time in ways that most benefit you. Above all, remember to stay focused on the road and make safety your priority. 

Listen as Debbie shares her thoughts about productive commuting, and let us know in the comments some of the ways you pass the time during your commute. 

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