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The Secrets of Time Management

Time Management: Making Choices With Your Time

“Time management is about planning and thoughtfulness. We can’t fabricate more time. We only have 24 hours in a day, so we really have to be thoughtful about how we use our time. This way, we get the important things done and have time for what matters most.” – Debbie Rosemont

Time Management: We’re all faced with choices each day about how we spend our time

We can’t manage time, it’s going to pass no matter what you do, but we can manage our choices with how we spend our time.

Listen along as Debbie discusses time management and the value of self-care as part of a choice she made about how to spend some extra time she had one morning.

We Can’t Manage Time, But We Can Manage Our Choices

People who are successful in achieving a healthy work/life harmony make deliberate choices each day about what is important to them and how they are going to spend their time. It’s important to step back and ask yourself what is best for you in that moment, then make the choice to do what energizes you.

The choice that Debbie made with her time was the best way for her to manage her energy for what was to come in the day. Her choice allowed her to be more productive and effective and able to add value for others.

Get More Time For What Matters Most

Are you faced with too many demands on your time? Do you crave more time for what matters most? Are you ready to take control? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we have a solution.

Through our our virtual productivity program, “It’s About Time“, people are learning the secrets of long-term, sustainable time management and life-changing productivity.

We only have so many hours in a day. What choices can you create to manage your time and your energy?

Because, really. It’s about time. Your time.

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