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Productive Ways to Use an Extra Hour

How would you spend an extra hour

Have you always wished for an extra hour in your day? This past weekend, most of us in the US got that very rare gift; when we set our clocks back one hour to adjust from Daylight Savings Time back to Standard Time.

How did you spend your extra hour on Sunday?   

Maybe you used it to catch up on needed sleep, or for extra projects around your home. Did you tackle something on your to-do list? Just one extra hour often can give us the extra nudge we need to complete a project or make significant progress on something we’ve been putting off. 

Perhaps you enjoyed the chance to just downshift and focus on the slower pace of the day. This hour was YOUR gift. Maybe your choice was to not decide and just be available and ready to seize an unexpected opportunity that presented itself. 

We always have choices about how we use our time, but when the time comes to us unexpectedly or we get it by “falling back”, there is no right or wrong way to use it. The hour was a gift to spend however you needed. 

Have you wished for “just one more hour” in your day? 

Aside from this one day a year for the time chance, we only have 24 hours in a day. But if you were given an extra hour or two, how would you spend it? What if you could free up more time to spend on the things you really value? Time with family and friends. Time for hobbies or volunteer work. Or time to take just for yourself, to renew and recharge.  

Extra time isn’t only found just when we change our clocks, however. If a work meeting is cancelled at the last minute, you suddenly have time available that didn’t plan to have. If you happen to wake up (and get up) before your alarm goes off you have more time than you expected you would in a day. You can also “find” more time by minimizing or eliminating time wasters. Our clients often have more time after working with us to more efficiently and effectively manage their email, space, priorities, projects, meetings, tasks, time and team. Once you get that extra time, it’s about how you manage our choices

Could you use more time for what matters most to you?  

Through our “It’s About Time” group virtual productivity program or our individual Six-Month Productivity Transformation Package, we can help you find more extra hours in your day for the things you really value. Book your free no-risk Discovery Call today and start imagining the possibilities for the time we can give you back in your life!

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