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Introducing the Getting Organized Magazine!

Treat yourself to some sanity!  Every few months the Getting Organized Magazine will serve as a reminder and inspiration to get and stay organized. Each new issue is filled with strategies, motivations, new product reviews and much more.  In addition to the magazine, you’ll get the ebook 80 Quick and Easy Tips to Get You Started free with your subscription.  Below is some information from the creator, author and a professional organizer herself, Stacey Anderson.

We know getting organized can be difficult and frustrating and that’s why we’re launching Getting Organized- to make it fun, easy and how-to as possible for you.  From the closet in your home to the endless emails at work to the greatest organizing mobile apps available, we have it covered.  You’ll get previews of the latest products, tips on how to conquer your paper piles, advice on issues like attention deficit disorder (ADD) and much more.

Getting Organized Magazine is the only organizing magazine on the market today dedicated to helping people organize all aspects of their lives.  This comprehensive, easy to read magazine covers in-depth topics related to getting and staying organized.  Getting Organized Magazine was created by a Professional Organizer with several years of hands-on client organizing experience who understands what readers are really struggling with.

This subscription includes one year (4 issues) of Getting Organized Magazine, the print version, delivered to your address in the U.S.
Check out a free preview edition on the website. The first printed issue launches in January 2012.

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