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“It’s About Time” to Stop Multitasking and Learn to Focus

Minimize distractions and learn to focus

What distracts you the most during your work day?

Distractions: things that prevent someone from giving full attention to something else.

Whether it is a talkative co-worker, the lure of social media, incessant Email notifications, or just things that make your mind wander… distractions interrupt your productivity and take your focus away from what you need to be doing. 

If your focus could use some fine-tuning, we invite you to join our virtual productivity program, “It’s About Time”. This month’s webinar is filled with tips and strategies that will have your productivity soaring in no time! 

Beyond multitasking and focus, our virtual productivity program will teach strategies to help you:

  • Set and achieve goals
  • End procrastination
  • Create powerful mind maps that retrain your brain and help you get “unstuck”
  • Identify priorities and complete the truly important work in your life and business
  • Manage the distractions of email and social media
  • Organize your office, desk, and files (electronic and paper)
  • Learn effective delegation skills that will free up your time
  • Hold and participate in valuable and productive meetings
  • Learn effective networking strategies
  • Add accountability to your life
  • Create that elusive work-life harmony and make time for what matters most

This unique, one-of-a-kind training experience is exactly what you need!

Standard Membership includes:

  • A monthly webinar packed with information, effective strategies, and inspiration
  • A monthly live, virtual “Ask the Organizer” session
  • Easy access to recordings of all webinars and live sessions
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook community
  • Implementation Challenges designed to inspire, motivate, and challenge you to take action on what you’re learning 
  • Resources galore! You’ll have tips, techniques, and strategies that help you get organized, stay organized, and maximize your productivity

Want to super-charge your results? We also offer a Premium Membership that includes a productivity assessment and review, one 30-minute strategy call, and monthly 30-minute virtual implementation sessions. 

If you’re ready to tame the distractions and bring your priorities back into focus, we have the solution. Our program will have your productivity soaring in no time! Join us today!

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