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Simply Placed’s Back to School tips featured on Q-13 Fox News

The kids are heading back to school and you know what that means – papers to fill out, homework to get done, projects to make and school/sports activities to get too.  How do you protect your personal productivity, keep your kids organized and keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed?

Debbie Rosemont was recently featured on Q13 Fox News discussing strategies to help organize for school success. Anchor Kaci Atchison interviewed Debbie, co-anchor Jamie Tompkins and her family. The tips Debbie shared with Jamie, her children and Q-13 Fox viewers can apply to both students and working professionals alike. A few highlights:

  • We can all benefit from using a timer to help us stay on track with a task for a certain period of time. Our favorite timer is the TimeTimer.
  • When we take a few minutes at the end of one day to get prepared for the next, we save time and reduce morning chaos.
  • Using a planner (whether electronic or paper) gives you a place to record appointments, tasks and a tool with which you can prioritize and schedule action steps needed to achieve an assignment, project or goal. Here’s the Academic Planner we love.
  • Have things that are used most often, stored close to where they will be used and easy to access to reduce wasted time, frustration and to increase productivity.
  • An organized space with a “home for everything” helps you find what you need when you need it, and helps you put things away when you are done using them (allowing you to easily find them the next time you need them too!).

Watch the segment here if you missed it live for helpful ideas on how to keep your children (and yourself) organized for school success.  Having  an organized student means less stress on everyone, and that’s productive!!!

Contact us  if you or your kids need more information on getting and staying organized and increasing productivity this school year.



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