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“Keeping You Organized” for Business or Summer Travel

An organized approach to travel

Are you traveling out of town this summer? Maybe a business trip that requires some advance planning? If your summer includes business travel, our business travel checklist can help you make sure nothing is forgotten as you’re heading out the door. Organized travel makes for smoother roads and less stress.

Organized Business Travel

For more tips on organizing for business travel, check out this two-part series of “Keeping You Organized” interviews. In them, Debbie Rosemont, offers strategies you can use to ensure your business travel will be organized and less stressful: 

Organized Summer Travel

Organized summer travel doesn’t just include business, however. Debbie also shares tips here for organizing and making packing easier when you travel for pleasure, too. You can check it out here: 

An Organized Approach for Less Stress

An organized approach to travel results in less stress, less wasted time and prepares you for dealing with the unexpected.  An important step toward getting organized for travel is consolidating your travel information: itineraries, confirmation codes, addresses, phone numbers, directions and maps.  Not having ready access to your travel information at any point during your journey can result in missed connections, delays and stress.  Before your next trip, consider this organized strategy for keeping your travel information organized and accessible.

For more tips, click on this link to our blog and search on the word “Travel”. If we can be a resource to you with planning for your next trip with organized systems and habits, please contact us.

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