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Ladies, Create a Great System with Bra Daisies

A high-quality bra can be quite an investment and caring for them is a challenge.  Experts recommend that a bra should be worn just three times between washings to maximize its lifespan. But if you own 5-10 bras, some of which are only worn occasionally, how do you remember how many times you’ve worn a particular bra? Simply Placed has found a organizational system that will keep them looking and feeling great. Bra Daisies are a color-coded garment tagging system that lets you keep track of how many times your bras have been worn before laundering.

Bra Daisies  remember for you…it’s as easy as 1•2•3 wash!  You can buy a set  Bra Daisies online.  They also have a helpful FAQ page. There are two little-known rules of bra longevity: 1) don’t wear the same bra two days in a row, and 2) a bra will last the longest if worn three times between launderings.

Nice bras are expensive and can wear out quickly if not cared for properly. But they are worth the investment – nothing improves your silhouette like a professionally-fitted bra! The right fit can put an end to pinching, shoulder strain, and bad posture while making you look 5-10 pounds thinner.

Bra Daisies are easy to use and unnoticeable when worn.  Put the green bra daisy on when it’s fresh from the laundry, the yellow one goes on second time you wear it, when you put it on the third time switch for the red bra daisy then wash!

What systems do you have in place for your household laundry?  We want to hear your ideas!

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