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Last Minute Tips for Getting Organized for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us! Simply Placed has tips to help you get organized, reduce stress and make time to enjoy the season.

Last minute tips for getting organized for the holiday season:

  • Accept you can’t do it all. No matter what Martha Stewart and Pinterest may lead us to believe, no holiday can be perfect and you can’t actually do and have it all. Instead, spend a few minutes making a decision about what is truly important to you and your family or friends, and make a plan to do those things. If making pie crust with your grandmother’s recipe is important to you, then make it a priority and do it. If you decide it’s not one of your high priorities, buy a pie and spend the time you save on what is important to you.
  • Be a gracious recipient of help when it’s offered and ask for it when you need it. Most people want to be helpful and many enjoy sharing in the work and experience of holiday preparations. Use this to your advantage. Give voice to and be clear about what you need and enjoy the gift of other’s helping to make the holiday celebrations happen.
  • Work in reverse to plan and prepare for holiday events. If you’re hosting a meal at 5pm, work back from that deadline to figure out and schedule what preparations need to happen and when. How much can be done ahead of time? What can you delegate? Share your schedule with others so they can help.
  • Plan to take care of yourself. When you’re scheduling your holiday preparations make sure to schedule time for yourself. This may mean making sure you have time to dress before guests arrive or having time to exercise and blow off some holiday-related stress. You will enjoy the holiday more if you have taken care of yourself. When life is busy you have to schedule this time. Share your plans for self-care with someone who can help you achieve this important part of your holiday planning.
  • When it’s all over, reflect on what happened in order to better prepare for next year’s holidays. What went well this year? What do you wish had gone better? Take a few minutes and make some notes for next year.

Organizing: the gift that keeps giving the whole year! 

If you’re interested in purchasing a guide that can help you with ideas, checklists and forms to help organize and track plans for the holidays, our Simply Organized: Holidays e-book and/or e-workbook is a great holiday gift for yourself or someone you know.

Are you already thinking about how to put away and organize everything after the holidays are over? Contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation!

However you plan to celebrate, we wish you the very happiest of holidays!

The Team at Simply Placed

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