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Leavin’ on a Jet Plane: Tips for Organized Travel

I’m heading out of town for a conference this afternoon. There are a few things I try to do before a trip so that my travels are smooth and that things run smoothly for Simply Placed in my absence. Here are a few of my tips for Organized Travel:

I used a packing list to get my things together. I want to make sure to remember things like my phone and laptop charger, specific things I’ll need for the conference, and the right shoes for the right outfit. I checked the weather for the next few days at my destination so that I’d be prepared. I called the hotel to confirm my reservation and to discuss best options for ground transportation once I arrive. I checked in for my flight online which will save me some time at the airport.

I’m determined to leave behind an organized office. Before I leave I will file the pile (yes, I get them too – we’re all human, even Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants) on my desk so that I can come back to an organized office and know that things will be under control while I’m away.  I’ll make the following decisions on the paper:
1. Recycle
2. Delegate (get in someone else’s hands to take care of)
3. Do it (if it takes a minute or less)
4. File for reference
5. File for follow up (and add a task to my task list)

Going through this process will also ensure that I come across and pack any paperwork that needs to come with me, both for the conference, and tasks that I might need to accomplish while on the road. I have a file of  “casual reading” and “airplane work” that I’ve been collecting for the past week or so, knowing I would have some quiet time to work on the plane.

I’m meeting with one of my staff members this morning to discuss coverage while I’m gone and to pass off a few tasks. We’ll do the same when I return to discuss what I missed around the office while I was on my trip. I also try to leave the first day back in the office fairly open for catch up. This helps tremendously!

What do you do before you will be away for a while to tie up loose ends or make re-entry easier?

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