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Life Maintenance Toolkit

To continue on with our National Preparedness Month theme, our next two posts will be about organizing your papers and affairs in case something happens to you.  We have two great resources available that we would love to share with you this month.  The first product that I want to talk about is called the Life Maintenance Toolkit, which is a comprehensive guide to organizing the important things in life.

Some of us are extremely organized individuals that have everything in order and can quickly find things when we need them.  Others of us are not so lucky.  When it comes to the really important things in life, it can be crucial to be organized!  Are your important papers and files organized and easy to find?  Could you or a family member put your hands on them immediately in case of an emergency?  Do you know where a current copy of your will is, your insurance policies, your retirement plans, etc.?  If this task sounds way to daunting for you to tackle, we have good news!!!

This is an outstanding toolkit which includes an assessment tool that helps you prioritize the areas to focus on first and provides you with basic information about how to go about evaluating, executing, and maintaining them.  The toolkit covers topics like budgets, wills, financial recordkeeping, healthcare Power of Attorneys, home inventory, retirement plans, credit report and credit scores, computer backups, living wills, emergency plans, identity theft monitoring, password security, insurance needs, home security, personal health records, and storage of critical documents.

The toolkit also includes:

– An Excel-based Life Maintenance Assessment Tool

– Information on each topic to enable educated decisions

– How-to steps

– Available resources

– Templates and samples

– Recommendations for ongoing maintenance

By having your important life documents in order, it will make it so much easier on family or loved ones that may need to access them if something should happen to you.  We hope you take the time to create your own Life Maintenace Toolkit.

We would love to help you implement this toolkit in your home.  Please feel free to contact us with questions, or to set up an appointment!

If you do decide you and your family would benefit from a Life Maintenance Toolkit, we can provide if for you or you can order it online. If you order online (through any of the links above), please remember to indicate in the “note to seller” that you heard about it from Simply Placed.

To your organized life!

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