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Lipstick, The Economy and Organization

This week we are excited to present you with a guest post from the lovely and talented Veronica Mayo. A former airline marketing executive, Veronica was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug which led her to develop her own line of cosmetic bags in 2009. As a self-described lipstick addict, she shares some great tips and tricks for finding your perfect lipstick shade as well ways to organize that frightening cosmetic drawer or bag of yours.

Lipstick, The Economy, and Organization According to Veronica

Based on history, lipstick sales should be way up given the current economic slump.  Lipstick is an inexpensive splurge when money is tight.  It provides an instant mood boost and is something new to wear.  Not to mention, the right shade of lipstick can make you look years younger. What’s not to love about that?

In addition to my shoe addiction, I also have a lipstick addiction.  It is so exciting to go into Sephora and check out all the new shades and experiment.  Usually during this time of year I make it a point buy new winter colors, especially since the holiday party season is here.

Before heading out to the mall in search of the perfect shade of new lipstick, it might be a good idea to organize the lipsticks you already have.  In fact, it might be a good idea to clean out and organize all your makeup. After all, makeup does in fact have expiration dates. You’ll also want to make space for anything new you bring in.

Sort and Purge

Start with the basics.  Toss out anything that you know is too old, used up or dried out. Definitely get rid of any makeup that you have had around since college.  Anything bright blue or deep red has to go! If you are having a hard time letting go of your makeup, whatever the product may be, apply a 3-5 second rule. For example, if you are holding a lipstick tube in your hand, give yourself 3-5 seconds to make a “keep or toss” decision. If you are still stuck after 5 seconds, chances are you won’t miss it.

(Simply Placed commentary: Not quite sure what the shelf life is on your cosmetics? Check out our BeautyAlert! blog post.)

Keep It Handy

Store makeup items that you use on a daily basis in a cosmetic bag.  This keeps all the items you use on a regular basis together and in one handy location.  If you  travel, your cosmetic bag is always packed and ready to go.  It is a waste of your valuable time packing and repacking a cosmetic bag.

(Simply Placed commentary: We, the organizers here, would like to point out Veronica’s Vemayca cosmetic bags as a chic, and irresistibly soft option if you or someone you know is in the market for a new cosmetic bag. Not only are they are great way to organize all your beauty essentials, but they come with a replaceable (and recyclable) Soft Pearl Liner. Ladies, that means no more cleaning out the spilled foundation or crusted mascara inside your cosmetic bags!

Let’s be real; don’t we sometimes find ourselves at the drugstore purchasing another cosmetic bag simply to avoid having to clean out our current one?  Think how much you time and money you will save if all you have to do is replace the liner, not the bag. Did we mention they have numerous other uses?)

Versatile Organization

For makeup that you don’t use everyday,  store them in clear plastic boxes (I get mine from The Container Store or Storables).  I have tried various other methods, but I finally settled on this fairly easy system.  The boxes are stackable, easy to see inside and fit great under a bathroom counter. Remember to go through them every few months on so, tossing what has expired and keeping items that are still usable.

Small World

We all have our collection of mini lotions, mascaras, lipsticks, shampoos and conditioners. Keep these little treasures in one clear plastic box.  If you need more than one  box, you have too many minis.  Repeat the sort and purge process from above.

(Simply Placed commentary: These “minis” are great for travel. As Veronica suggests, you may want to have a bag of travel sized cosmetics and toiletries ready to go, so that come time to pack, you just zip it up and toss it in the suitcase. Ahh … organized travel! Need more tips on organized travel? Check out Leavin’ on a Jet Plane  and Have Plan, Will Travel.)

Final Thoughts

We only use a small portion of the makeup and skincare items that we have accumulated.  Be brutal in your clean up (this may require the help of a professional).   And don’t bother buying those acrylic lipstick holders.  The problem is that all lipstick tubes are not the same, so you always end with a few tubes with no home.

Go ahead buy yourself a new shade lipstick and create a fabulous look for the holidays and be beautifully organized in the process!


As previously mentioned, Veronica is a former airline marketing executive turned entrepreneur.  She launched her own line of cosmetic bags in 2009 after moving from Texas to Bellevue, Washington.  Veronica loves surrounding herself with beautiful things and describes her bags as irresistibly soft, yet functional since they have an eco-friendly removable liner.

In addition to her role as an entrepreneur, she is busy with various charities, traveling, organizing, remodeling her home, enjoying local restaurants and wines (especially a great merlot).  Veronica’s must have items include her labeling machine, flip flops, flat iron and her cosmetic bag!   You can follow Veronica on twitter @Vemayca or on Facebook at

Have a question for Veronica? Contact her at or 425-233-9988

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