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Make 2022 the Year for YOU!

Make 2022 the year for you

With 2021 ending and 2022 about to begin, many of us will engage in the annual ritual of setting resolutions and goals for the new year. Often our goals start with things we would like to do for ourselves such as read more books, eat healthier, make new friends, or go to the gym more often. But by February those goals have taken a back seat to other priorities. In fact, according to the New York Post, the average New Year’s resolution lasts 32 days. So how do you make 2022 the year for you?

Beware the Goal CLIFF

Gold’s Gym has developed a creative acronym — C.L.I.F.F. — to describe some of the common reasons our goals are so short lived:

  • C: Can’t find the time
  • L: Lacking a game plan
  • I: Ignoring your commitment
  • F: Frustrated with lack of early results
  • F: Forgetting why you started

While Gold’s Gym created this list with exercise in mind, the reasons listed can be applied to why many goals fail. After the family gatherings and time off of the holidays and New Year ends, we quickly revert to the everyday demands of the world. We focus on the needs of our family, the demands of our job, and our goal to take care of ourselves or achieve something we want can take a backseat.

Make 2022 the Year You Commit to YOUR Priorities

Imagine what would it be like if you actually made 2022 the year for you! What if 2022 is the year you commit to your goals and finally do the things YOU want to do? How would it feel to be confident it will happen because you have the support you need?

So how do you make 2022 the year of you? By establishing goals, creating accountability, and following though on a regular basis. Simply Placed can help you achieve these steps through our high-touch, highly customized Productivity Transformation Package. It’s about time; invest in you. We’re offering a limited time discount for quick action takers. You’ll save $1,000 on our six-month package and $500 on our three-month package if you sign up before December 31st.

Don’t wait to contact Simply Placed to discuss how we can help make 2022 the year of you! You can email if you’re ready to sign up now, or book a complimentary Discovery Call to learn more.

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