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Make it Fun


Are you working on establishing a new habit that will positively impact your organization or productivity? Does it feel like a lot of work? One strategy is to find ways to make it fun.

Make it fun – we’ve found this video example of how people will change their behavior if its fun. We see lots of possibility to apply this concept to the work we do with clients who want to be more organized and productive.

Planning on taking 15 minutes at the end of each day to clear off your desk, file, and put things back in their places? Do it while listening to your favorite tunes.

Stuggling with focusing on a high priority for a period of time? Call a friend or co-worker and let them know of your plans. Work hard and focus for the period you’ve decided is best for you and then call the friend or co-worker again to celebrate your accomplishment (and maybe find some other fun way to reward yourself for staying on task).

Limited on time but want to organize a space? Make it a game. Set a timer and work to “beat the clock” – organizing the space you’ve selected before the timer goes off. (I know, I know, this may work better for your kids, but you get the point.)

Watch the video above and then let us know what ideas you have for making organizing or productivity improvement fun. We’d love to hear from you and promise to share the responses with full credit. 🙂

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