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Making a difference for those who make a difference

We love to hear stories about lives made simpler, business growth, and money saved as a result of the work we do with our clients. We often receive testimonials from our clients via email, phone or verbally.  Here is a great testimonial from one of our “happy clients”, Dellann Elliott, Executive Director of the Chris Elliott Fund.

I’ve been working with Simply Placed and I love it!  Last month when I went to my personal accountant to prepare my taxes, I can’t tell you how EASY it was!  I use the FreedomFiler system for both my personal records as well as CEF’s records.  What a difference it has made in my life!

Lacey comes in once a month to organize and update my papers and filing system. Because we use the FreedomFiler system, she knows exactly where to put everything.  She even pulled the files that I needed to take to my tax accountant for me.  When I walked into this appointment and simply handed him my nicely labeled and organized files, he said “WOW!  This is different than all the past years.  Great Job.”  I then proceeded to tell him about Simply Placed and the Freedom Filer system.

Usually, my tax accountant keeps asking me for more of my records during tax preparation time. This year he did not have to ask me for ANYTHING else to complete my taxes as all the records were given to him as they were all nice and neatly filed.  Thank you Debbie, Lacey and Simply Placed!!!

Thanks for your kind words Dellann! We’re glad we could make things easier for you so that you can do the important work you do for the CEF – advocating, education and fund-raising for patients with Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. We love the difference you make in the lives of others!

chris elliot fund logoTo learn more about the Chris Elliott Fund and how they make a difference, visit their website or their blog.

Let us know if we can help you set up a new filing system for your home or home-based business! We’d love to make your life easier and save you money on next year’s tax bill at the same time.

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