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Mission Possible – Maximizing Holiday Joy, Minimizing Holiday Stress

Does the thought that the holiday season is right around the corner make you smile, cringe, or a little bit of both? Many people have mixed emotions at this time of year. What makes some people anxious about the next 2 months is thinking about the pace, the committments, the work involved and the general “craziness” they feel has consumed them in past holiday seasons.

Wouldn’t it be nice to set intentions for what you really want during the holidays this year and spread out the activities and tasks involved  so that it just feels better? 

Take a piece of paper and jot down the first things that come to your mind when you think about what has caused stress in past holiday seasons. These may be things you want to say “no” to or minimize this year. Eliminate them, simplify them, or delegate them as much as you can.

Next jot down a few thoughts on what you really enjoy about the holidays. What traditions or activities are most meaningful to you and your family? What fills your spirit, brings you together, makes you feel great? These will be the things to prioritize; to place importance on and to plan for.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start now, to do some organization and planning, and to spread out holiday tasks so that you can maximize the joy and minimize the stress of this season. 

Setting your intentions for the holidays and deciding that this year will be different is the first step. We’ll offer a series of posts on how to take action to make your intentions a reality so that you can have a holiday season filled with true “gifts” of joy, tradition, fun, meaning, and spirit.

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