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Monday Mom’s Moment: Helpful Homework Hints (part 2)

Welcome to the second installment in our series aimed at helping parents and students confront the common problems around homework time. Last week we blogged about creating the proper work environment for your student in Helpful Homework Hints (part 1). This week, we’ll be discussing time management issues.

Helpful Homework Hint #2: Time management.  Ugh! This one is by far the most challenging for me. Of course, it is ideal to set up a routine where homework is done at the same time every day, but for many (me) this is not realistic.  With activities, dinner, baths, and bedtime , the 5 hours between the time kids get home and bedtime can feel more like 5 minutes.  And it’s different every day!  My solution has been to sit down with each of my kids and help them create a day by day agenda to follow according to their schedules.  Yes, it’s time consuming but has saved me a lot time and energy in the long run. For kids who have a hard time sticking to their designated homework time, a timer can help them stay on track.

Ask us about our favorite timer. We’ve got one we’re in love with and wouldn’t be caught without!

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