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Monday Mom’s Moment: Organizing Your Child’s Closet

Hi there – Simpy Placed organizer Kelly here. Can we talk? Your child’s closet;  can you see the floor? Does it look more like a dumping ground for toys and knick knacks than an accessible space to store clothing, shoes and accessories?  If your kids are anything like mine were, then your answer is yes!  Here are some easy tricks to organize their closets in a fun, kid-friendly way!

1. First of all, look at the closet from a kid’s perspective.  Is the rod too high for your child to reach?  If there are drawers or bins, they can get to them easily?

2. Invest in a hanging sweater shelf with five to seven shelves.  Pick a day to fill the shelves with outfits for each day of the week.  You could even label them Sunday to Saturday.  This also works with hangers.  Just hang a complete outfit on one hanger and hang them in order.

3. Keep a box on the top shelf. As your child grows out of clothing and shoes, toss them in the box for donation or to pass on to the next kid. When the box is full, move it on out and pass the items along.

4. Lastly, let them in on it.  Your kiddo will be much more excited about keeping their closets orderly if they feel ownership over the space.  Let him or her pick out some new hangers in fun colors or choose a few new baskets for storage. Allow your child to decide what to store where.  You can even display their artwork on the closet walls!

How do you keep your children’s closets from being chaotic? We want to know!

If you have an idea for a Monday Mom’s Moment topic, let us know! Check back each Monday for a new and fresh idea!

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