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How Much Can You Save by Managing Email More Effectively?

How Often Should You Check Your Email to be Productive

Have you ever thought about how much poor email habits might be costing you or your business? If employees have not learned good habits for managing email productively, the costs can be surprisingly high. Employees who feel buried and overwhelmed by their email experience more stress and are often less likely to conduct prompt follow up, resulting in poorer customer service, missed business opportunities and lost revenue. There is also the financial impact of lost productivity.

One of our popular workshops is Email Intervention, in which we teach people productive habits for processing email effectively. Let’s take a quick look at an example of the potential financial savings of improving email productivity. If an employee earns $50K/year that equates to about $26/hour. If, after attending an Email Intervention workshop, she is able to process even just 10 fewer emails per day, and spends on average three minutes per email, that results in a savings of 30 minutes each day, or $13 per day. Over the course of a typical year that represents a savings of $3,120 – for just one employee earning $50K who has learned how to reduce her email by just 10 fewer messages per day.

What if you have a group of 20 employees who through an Email Intervention workshop learn how to process 10 fewer messages in a day… where else would your business rather invest the $62,400 you would save?

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