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Need an Email Intervention?

If you don’t feel like this woman when you think about the emails in your inbox, let’s chat.

Have you or someone you know ever experienced a day like this? … You come into the office and open your email to see what’s come in since you left the previous day. You essentially stay in email and on the computer all day, trying furiously to keep up with the volume as it comes in, clicking links, reading interesting things, firing off intelligent responses, researching answers, perhaps even taking a detour to something fun, like Facebook. Suddenly you look up at the clock and realize it’s 5:00. End of the work day (or so you wish), and you can’t figure out where the time went. You look over your task list and wonder what you got done all day. If you know of someone like this (or if this is you), they (you) may benefit from an Email Intervention.

Suggest they seek help (or seek it yourself), beginning this Thursday afternoon. Simply Placed, in conjunction with Kreate Business Events, hosted by Julian Michael, will be conducting a FREE webinar for those who would like to learn how to handle their email more efficiently and effectively, saving them time, money and stress day after day. Sound like a good idea? Register here. Please help us spread the word by sharing this with friends, colleagues, family and others in your network. Put it on your Facebook page, tweet about it, include it in an email you send 🙂   …. you never know who you’ll help.

Feel free to comment here on the blog and let us know your biggest challenge around email as it relates to organization and productivity. We’ll be doing a couple of blog posts in the coming month offering some tips and ideas. If you share your challenge we may just solve it here.

“See” you on the Webinar tomorrow.

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