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Organize Business Cards with CamCard

How to Organize Collected Business Cards

Do you have a growing stack of business cards from people you don’t even remember meeting? For many people, “paper pain” includes collections of business cards and those piles of cards are not just a result of attending trade or networking events. Even regular business meetings lead to a large accumulation of business cards – full of contact information that could be useful, but that doesn’t do you any good when you need to make that important call from your car or some other location.

Fortunately there are solutions that can put an end to card clutter and help you make use of the business cards you collect. One popular tool for electronically organizing business cards is CamCard. With CamCard you simply take a picture of the business card you received; you can even batch scan cards to more quickly put an end to card clutter. CamCard reads the data on the card (in 16 different languages) and saves all the contact details for future use. In addition, the data for each contact gets updated instantly when your contacts join a new company or change their number, and contact data is stored in the cloud and synced across all your devices making it available whenever and wherever you need it.

CamCard helps you be more productive and smartly manage all your business cards by adding notes, setting reminders, quickly searching, tagging and sharing cards. You can search for individual contacts in CamCard’s address book and build your own virtual business card that you can share with your contacts.

If your collection of business cards is wrapped in a rubber band or sitting in a box, now might be a great time to try CamCard or another electronic system for better organizing business cards. If you use it or have another tool you like, let us know what you think.

Do you need other ideas for organizing and better utilizing your business card collection, or could you use some help reviewing how you are managing contact information to support your goals?  Contact us and take advantage of our free 15-minute phone consultation.

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