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How to Organize Your Business Travel, Part 1

Organized Business Travel

Recently, Debbie Rosemont was interviewed as a Productivity Expert for a podcast with Smead. She discussed how to organize and prepare for business travel and shared strategies that travelers can practice to be more efficient after arriving at their destination.

Do you have an upcoming trip? Whether you are traveling for a convention, training, onsite client work or networking, setting your goals for the trip before you go, and the planning for the logistics involved, will help you be better prepared.

What are your goals for the trip?

Ask yourself what you hope to get out of the trip. Why are you going? Be clear on your purpose. When you set specific goals, you are more likely to be able to achieve them. Your can create a plan of action that can lead you to success.

Once you arrive, make the most of the time you are there. If you’re able, try and get a copy of an agenda or schedule ahead of time. Think about all the things you want to accomplish, and be sure to build in some down-time for yourself. Business travel can be energy draining, and it is important to take care of yourself so that you can take advantage of what the conference/meeting/work has to offer.

Make a list; check it twice!

Now that you’ve planned how your trip will flow, it’s time to start packing. Consider what you will be doing, both on and off the clock. What will you need to have with you? Make a checklist so you don’t forget important but often forgotten items, like phone chargers and cords.

Avoid over-packing by taking advantage of the things you can get when you reach your destination. You may be able to leave at home items like hair dryers and even bulky work-out shoes. Do some research ahead of time to find out what you will need to wear each day for what you have planned, then see what items might be available through the hotel you are staying.

Execute your travel plan

Now that you’ve set goals for what you hope to accomplish, and have packed, it’s time to execute your plan. Think about how you are going keep track of items such as expense forms and receipts. Will you use a notebook or electronic tools? Are there apps you can download ahead of time that will help keep you organized and on task?

Watch the entire podcast below. Next week we’ll bring you Part 2 – how to get organized again when you return home from your trip. Safe travels!


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