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Virtual Organizing for School Success

Organized for School Success

Simply Placed has had the privilege of partnering with hundreds of students – from middle school age to college – helping them to stay organized, productive, and efficient. We call it “Organized for School Success”. 

While many students are learning remotely, we are also able to provide virtual solutions to help with organizing and optimizing their study space, incoming assignments and schedule. Think of it as a virtual organizing session, followed by a couple of productivity check-ins.

Reducing stress, saving time, adding structure

When students are organized and have good study habits, it will reduce stress, save time and add structure in their “school day”.  Structure helps to remind students about what is on their plate so things don’t get missed.  If students are able to find what they need when they need it, and have good command of using their planner as a life and productivity tool, they’ll be more successful in meeting the demands of their day.

In this video, Lynette Apley details how she works with students virtually to be organized and productive for school success.

Utilizing our Organize for School Success virtual services also helps busy professionals who are also working remotely at home. When students are empowered with the tools they need to be successful, parents get more focused time and structure back in their work day, as well. 

And parents, if you’ve recently started working from home, or you just want to be more productive when doing it, grab a FREE “Rock Your Work from Home” guide for strategies, a productivity planner, and time blocking tool!

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