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Helping Students to be Organized for School Success

Organize for Middle School Success

Give your daughter a headstart on middle school with a day of laughter and learning

Join Professional Organizer Lynette Apley of Simply Placed on Saturday, September 29th as she presents “Organize for School Success“ at the TeenWise event: “You Got This: Middle School Made Easy For Girls”.

Lynette’s presentation is designed to help girls ease the transition from elementary to middle school. She will share life skills and practical techniques that help students maximize learning and organize many aspects of academic life.

What topics will be covered? Organize for Middle School Success

The organization and study tips presented will help middle school students stay on top of their schoolwork and schedule and help students who would like to:

  • more effectively find what they need, when they need it
  • focus on priorities and manage a planner
  • study for and take tests with better results
  • turn in assignments on time
  • feel less stress

All the sessions at the TeenWise workshop will be engaging, fun, and enlightening. Your daughter will leave with more confidence to face the challenges and excitement of her time in middle school. The day will conclude with a closing session exclusively for parents or caregivers.

For more information and to register, click here. 

Unable to attend the event?  Contact us to learn more about how we help middle and high school students with our Organize for School Success small group seminars and individual consultations. We’d love to be a resource for you!

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