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Organizing Product Review: Pendaflex PileSmart

Yesterday I posted about two products I used recently to help someone who was a self-professed “piler” organize his piles of paper. It was his preference to make the piles work, as opposed to file away the paper we were dealing with. It seemed the perfect opportunity to give a couple of PileSmart products I had been sent to review from Pendaflex a test run.

Here are some details on the products, my thoughts, as well as information about cost and where to find them.

Pendaflex PileSmart Organizing Tray and Dividers

Features: The Desktop Organizer Tray is a clear acrylic tray slighly slanted towards a back corner with edges made to hold papers in place and looking neat. The tray comes with six dividers with write on/erase off labels that can be used to categorize and identify papers (either by label or by color).


  • Both the acrylic tray and the dividers are very durable and feel well made.
  • The dividers are thick enough to help easily lift the paper on top of them for viewing what is underneath.
  • The dividers have tabs on both the end and the side, making them easy to see and read from either angle.
  • For pilers, these dividers will help identify categories of papers and the tray will help keep them tidy


  • The dividers are 8 1/2 x 11, about the same size as a letter size piece of paper. This means that anything larger that is placed in the pile will cover the divider(s) below it (like a larger envelope, a file folder, or larger piece of paper), making it difficult to see the tabs and labels.
  • If a piler has paper that stacks above the defined edges of the tray, the papers can become unruly. Most pilers I know have more paper that they pile than one tray would hold, making multiple trays necessary.

Cost and Where to Buy: Retail list price is $45.99 but I saw it at Amazon for $20.66. I also saw it on other online stores such as those listed here for a little less.

Pendaflex PileSmart View Folders

pilesmart view folderProduct Features: PileSmart View Folders are translucent, come six to a pack, in a variety of colors, and hold letter size paper. They have 1/3 cut size tabs that you can label (they come with adhesive write on labels). Holds up to 75 pieces of paper.


  • Great for project files – keep associated papers together.
  • Enclosed on three sides to hold papers securely inside.
  • Can be used with the PileSmart tray or in hanging file folders.
  • Durable plastic means folders can be re-used again and again.
  • Pendaflex advertises a lifetime guarantee with this product.


  • I would prefer a clear front instead of the translucent to make it easier to see what is inside the folder. Made of translucent color poly so you can easily view folder contents.
  • When filled to capacity, the tab holding the third side closed begins to fail, potentially causing a situation where papers could fall out.

Cost and Where to Buy: $6.27 on Amazon, $4.99 at Office Depot, available at other online and retail stores as well.

If you’re considering using these products to organize your piles, you may want to check out this handy guide to desktop organization for pilers. You can also follow Pendaflex employee advice or tips through their blog, Facebook Page, or on Twitter. (While you’re at it, don’t forget to “like” the Simply Placed Facebook  page and visit often to participate in discussion or pick up a new organization or productivity tip. You can also follow us on Twitter for some of the same. )

Please comment and let me know what you think of these products. Bottom line: if you’re going to pile, and want a line of products that may help you organize your piles, Pendaflex has some good options.

Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been given product samples and a nominal gift card to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and Pendaflex did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.

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