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Overcoming Procrastination By Changing Your Habits

Overcome procrastination

Is overcoming procrastination a goal you’ve set for your life or work this year?  Is there something you’ve been putting off because it seems overwhelming, won’t deliver immediate results or for which you lack clarity? 

It starts with changing your habits

Procrastination is one of the biggest roadblocks to productivity. You can avoid procrastinating on something that is important to you by changing your habits and making it a priority. While that sounds like common sense, there are several strategies you can use to establish more productive habits and overcome tendencies to put things off. 

Here are a few things to try: 

  • Build Accountability: One of the best ways to be successful is to enlist the help of a coach, trainer or partner to help you establish and achieve your goals.
  • Plan and Prepare: Schedule appointments, meetings and free time for breaks into your day. Diligently follow beginning and end of day routines to keep you on track.
  • Employ Technology: Use mobile devices and other tech tools as reminder alarms or to track time. 
  • Create a Network: When you associate with people who share your goals, you will be more successful in achieving them.
  • Stack Habits: Establish new habits by combining them with old habits. 

Just take the first step

When you focus on the reasons you procrastinate, you’re more likely to start achieving your goals. Once you take the first step, and by making just a few adjustments, soon you’ll find you’ve adopted new habits and increased productivity in your life and work.

This month in our “It’s About Time” virtual productivity group, our topic is “What Are You Waiting For?” If this a question that resonates with you, we can also help you learn valuable strategies that will help you get “unstuck”, overcome procrastination and get priority work done. 

Could you use some help overcoming procrastination? We work every day with private clients in productivity coaching sessions to identify their goals, remove barriers and time wasters, planning and prioritizing their time and creating effective systems so that they accomplish what they want, with less stress, and have more time for what matters most to them.

Are there productivity challenges you’d like to resolve? Schedule a free Discovery Call today and let us help you tackle what is holding you back.

Next time you feel there is something you are procrastinating on, take the first step – just a small one. The momentum you will gain from that will propel you forward toward your goal. 

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