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The 6-month Productivity Transformation Package

Productivity transformation

We wanted to share with you about one of our favorite ways to meet people where they are at and deliver our most customized, sustainable strategies, productivity coaching and accountability services. 

The “It’s About Time 6-month Productivity Transformation Package” is for overwhelmed, busy professionals who really want support, coaching and consulting over a time period that allows them to implement new strategies, establish and build on productive habits, and be held accountable for sustainable results. 

The 6-month time frame allows for a transformation that can have a significant impact to your work and to your life. 

What’s included

This package includes an initial assessment, assessment review and strategy session (90 minutes) followed by weekly private 45-minute coaching sessions (the regularity of which do wonders in helping you make progress and be accountable to the change and results you want to achieve), a membership in our It’s About Time virtual group program and full member benefits, and our Organize to Optimize Mini-Course and Task Master Library.

We named our signature offerings “It’s About Time” as a double entendre – as in: “It’s about time – the time you save, the time you get back for what matters most, the time you focus on priorities”, but also “It’s About Time! – time to invest in you and your results; because you’re worth it, and because when you do, others benefit as well!

Imagine what your return on investment will be when you’re feeling very on top of things, organized, productive, and have systems and support to sustain growth, work-life harmony and the results that you want, all with less stress! 

We see you, we hear you, and we know exactly where you’re at with the overwhelm, the stressful feeling of not being in control, and the desire for an easier way of working and having good work-life integration. And we have the solution you’re looking for!

This is our most customized, valuable offering that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of one person – YOU!

Schedule a no-risk, no-cost Discovery Call to explore how we might work together and how you can start your transformation today!

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