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Ready for anything with Ready-Tab Files

Having trouble finding what you need in your home filing system?  Hanging files always getting lost in the shuffle?  We’ve found a product that’s right for you then!  Pendaflex now makes file tabs that lift up and down for easy use and faster file-finding.  The product is called Ready-Tab and you can check it out on the Pendaflex website.

Ready-Tab reinforced hanging folders are the only hanging folder with tabs that lift up and down.  Looking for a way to make file setup easier?  Tired of sorting through folders that are impossible to identify because their tabs are missing?

Product highlights:

  • Tabs lift up easily
  • Built-in tabs won’t fall out
  • Use peel-off, permanent sticker labels or write directly on the tabs
  • Tabs are angled so they’re easier to read
  • Find files instantly

What do you do or use to make your filing system more effective for you? How do you keep track of your files?  We want to hear about it!

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