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For Realtors

Simply Placed Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants can help you stand out from the competition.

Simply Placed helps realtors bring better looking homes to market faster. Decluttered and better looking homes often sell faster. Your clients also benefit from a less-stressful and more organized move.


Should you refer a client to us that books a 24-hour package, we would be happy to reward you with a free hour of business organizing or productivity consulting.

Pre-staging a home prior to listing. Simply Placed works with your client to eliminate clutter and improve the appeal of the home to potential buyers.
Residential organizing before or after a move. Prior to a move Simply Placed works with your clients declutter. This improves the look of the home and saves your clients from paying to move things they don’t need.

A move-in is also a good time to get organized. Simply Placed helps clients unpack, get organized and back to normal quickly. A Simply Placed gift certificate makes a nice closing gift. Read more about our pre- and post-move services.

Move coordination and project management. We work with busy families and professionals to coordinate and manage the details of their move. We apply our organized system for project planning and execution, a high level of customer support and draw from a rich network of service providers to help clients enjoy a low-stress, on-time move.
Service for special needs. All moves come with a level of stress. Some can be more stressful than others if they are necessitated because of an unexpected change of events, health changes that require moving and downsizing or the closing of estates.

Simply Placed Professional Organizers work with clients in a variety of situations to create a respectful and thoughtful approach to solving problems, decluttering, down-sizing or estate-closing.

How can Simply Placed help YOU improve your business and stand out from the competition?

Simply Placed Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants work with professionals and organizations to teach, implement and maintain ways to increase focus, organization and productivity…ultimately, increasing their bottom line.

If you are struggling to keep up with paper work, tasks, email, schedule demands or if you would like more time to spend on what matters most to you, Simply Placed can help.

Who Needs a Professional Organizer?

Sure, we mentioned a few mega-brands from our client roster, but those aren’t the only sorts of companies we partner with and support.

We offer individual consultations, group training, and custom services for the fledgling sole proprietor, the large corporation, and everything in between. Whether you’re pivoting your business model and changing up your daily operations or just need an organizational boost to get your company out of an operational rut, we can help.

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