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Recycle Your e-Clutter in Sammamish 8/27/11

Friendly Earth, a non-profit recycling company, is holding an electronics recyling event  August 27, 2011 from 10-3 at the Sammamish Presbyterian Church in Sammamish, WA. Bring your used, broken and unwanted appliances, as well as electronics and scrap metal.

Friendly Earth, specializes in the recycling of electronic waste, more commonly referred to as e-waste. Friendly Earth accepts and recycles all forms of waste that fall into the categories of consumer and commercial appliance and machinery, household and portable electronics and equipment, scrapped and fabricated metals, and personal and professional garments. See below for a list of examples from each of the above mentioned categories.

Appliances: washers, dryers,

Metals: all forms of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous

Electronics: computers, cell phones, tvs, speakers, stereos, video players (dvd, vhs, etc.)

Batteries: single charge, multi-charge (lithium and metal hydride), car batteries

Machinery- lawn and farm equipment, personal and commercial vehicles, bikes

Electronic Accessories: power cords, cables, cds, dvds, hard disks, chargers

It’s clear from the list above that Friendly Earth does more than just e-waste recycling. They believe that they are more than just a recycling organization. They see themselves as educators, helping to teach the consumer and community about the benefits of proper recycling. In addition, they partner with community establishments, governmental entities, and local and global corporations striving to make our environment and the world a better place to live.

Friendly Earth tries to reuse as many items as possible. If an item can be refurbished and redistributed for use, then Friendly Earth will always select this course of action. If an item is unusable, then we will recycle it properly to prevent it from going to a landfill or being shipped to an overseas country for disposal.

All Data from hard drives are removed using products that are Department of Defense specified. They use WinWipe software, then a Degausser (CE Approved) which demagnetizes any remaining data from the hard drive. They also use a WinMasster  F.GR-4000-001E to remove data as well from hard drives.

If you can not make it to the recycling event on August 27th, please contact Friendly Earth to arrange for a pick-up of your e-Waste (free for businesses) or find out where and when you can drop off your electronics at their Seattle location. Their recycling services are offered for no fee (including wiping the data from computers you’d like to recycle).

For more information about Friendly Earth, click on this link, Friendly Earth PDF, visit their website, or Facebook page.

Simply Placed is pleased to introduce you to Friendly Earth as a resource for your electronic recycling and electronic clutter clearing needs.

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