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Personal Assisting

It Feels So Good…

Your desk is clear, the house is tidy, your calendar is neatly planned, and you are in the productive zone. Life is great! And then…

Life happens. Piles accumulate, clutter creeps back in, and systems languish.

At Simply Placed, we pride ourselves on designing systems that are user-friendly and easy to manage. But the truth is, any system can erode over time if it’s not maintained. For some of our clients, finding time for ongoing maintenance is best delegated to someone else.

Fortunately, we love to be that someone!

Whether you already have strong systems in place or you’re working with a Simply Placed Professional Organizer to design new systems, we can help you identify which ones are best suited for our ongoing support to help you lead an organized lifestyle.

A few examples of the maintenance services we can provide:

  • Mail processing
  • Paper and digital filing systems maintenance
  • Living space upkeep
  • Seasonal clothing rotation
  • Grocery delivery orders
  • Home inventory maintenace

Some of our maintenance may even look like personal assisting. It’s up to you to tell us what you need to delegate and we’ll handle the rest.


  • I have always been a stacker. With the Organized Systems and Productive Habits that Work I now have an easy to retrieve place for each and every piece of paper that comes across my desk. I am now more productive than I have ever been because I am not wasting time searching through my stacks. Also, the capture cards are genius. I get countless verbal requests throughout the day from my colleagues, clients and family members. Now I have a place for those verbal requests and don't have to worry about forgetting to follow through. My brain can now rest and focus on higher priorities.
    Abby Durr
    Abby DurrSilverage

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