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Home Organization Seattle

Need Help Simplifying Your Life?

Everyone could use a little streamlining now and then. Let’s say you’re transitioning from one phase of life to the next – maybe you’re relocating or moving to a new address, expecting a child, or planning to upsize or downsize a few key parts of your life.  If any of these things are the case, you could most definitely use a little support easing into the next chapter without feeling overwhelmed. If you run a company or consultancy out of your house, chances are your filing system could benefit from a bit of updating.

Maybe walking the tightrope of balancing a career and children – or either one of those things individually – isn’t allowing you enough time to feel like you’re fulfilling all the parts of your life that need tending to.  Not to worry; that’s why we’re here.  We offer exactly the kind of expert home organization Seattle residents can use to their advantage, freeing themselves up for the greater things in life by cutting the fat, so to speak, and getting organized.

We Can Help.

The phrase, “I need to get my life in order!” is often exclaimed with a hint of humor, but in reality, most of us could benefit from a little outside help. At Simply Placed, we make it our mission to share intelligent, proven tips and tricks to do just that.  We offer services and solutions in an amiable, confidential, non-judgmental way – it’s second nature to us.  Our expertise is deep in the field of domestic and professional organization, and if you’d like assistance with either, we’d be honored to share our knowledge with you.

What We Do & How We Do It

We create solutions and systems that, frankly, result in contentment and happiness.  While that may sound like a stretch – i.e., ‘How can an organized home actually make me a happier person?” – it’s actually true.  Instead of spending an excessive amount of time looking for things you know you have but can’t find, or on tasks you don’t enjoy, we can help you clear clutter and cut the corners that don’t need to be there, freeing up space and time in your schedule that you can fill with whatever activities you please.  We can give you anything from a personal kitchen pantry consultation to a one-on-one home office filing tutorial, devising a plan that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

We follow a series of basic principles that have worked time and time again, but in doing so, we look specifically at what you and you alone need from us, and we customize a system that we know will work for you.  Our vast experience with all sorts of clients, households, personalities and requests over the years have made us both flexible and intuitive.  That makes for an enjoyable experience when you’re working with us.  Because really, simplifying your life shouldn’t be a drag… it should be fun!

Let’s Get Started!

For our clients who need help organizing matters at home we start with a one-on-one consultation and hands-on appointment in your home. We begin by listening carefully to your goals, and work with you personally to reach them.  Once your new systems starts to feel like second nature and you’re able to spend more time doing things you adore, it means our job is through.

Our Services

We proudly offer the following types of support to help streamline your days:

home organization seattle

  • Project consultation & analysis
  • Implementing special projects
  • Clearing clutter and getting organized
  • Planning functional spaces
  • Creating systems to simplify your life
  • Managing papers and setting up file systems
  • Organizing digital filing systems and email
  • Transitioning to paperless systems
  • Managing time & setting goals
  • Making follow-up, accountability and maintenance appointments
  • Offering group sessions and seminars

Let’s get in touch and set up a free 15-minute needs assessment. We’re excited to talk with you and start the process of simplifying your life!

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